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At the start of the season we would like to draw your attention to our local rules which are valid for the whole season. Please also note the following information:


1.) The Drachensee


The Drachensee including the embankment and the plants at its shores is considered as a lateral water hazard. The outer edge of the mowed area constitutes the boundary of the hazard. Due to its size as well as due to visual aspects the Drachensee is not marked as a lateral water hazard. It is clearly visible whether the ball lies within the hazard by using the edge of the mowed area as a guide. Once a year the embankments of the Drachen­see are mowed, however this does not change the boundary of the hazard. During this time the area is partly marked with red lines.

All other water hazards on the course are marked with stakes or lines.


2.) Hole 9 and 15:


After the first ball has been hit into the water hazard you can proceed to the DROP zone with a penalty stroke.

Drop zones are provided at both holes as optional relief. Thus, in addition to the options provided for in rule 26 (water hazards) it is possible to drop the ball into the drop zone (do not place it). This applies only to one ball that lies in the water hazard under penalty of one stroke.


3.) Hole 17:


Keep off the biotope (i.e. red-green stakes). If the ball comes to rest in the biotope, relief according to rule 26-1 must be obtained (i.e. lateral water hazard).

A lot of golf courses have biotopes. Please bear in mind that you must not walk within this area even if at first glance it may seem to you there is nothing worth protecting.

If a ball ends up in the biotope area, it must not be played, even if the player stands outside the biotope.


4.) Bark mulch:


The Golf Course Am Mondsee does not provide special rules for bark mulch so the ball must be played as it lies. Bark mulch is a loose impediment / natural object (rule 23) and may be removed (except within a hazard). The ball must not move while removing the impediment. In the second picture the player obtains relief without penalty, however this is not because of the bark mulch but because of the staked tree.


Play the ball as it lies
Play the ball as it lies


Staked tree, therefore relief without penalty
Staked tree, therefore relief without penalty

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