Conditions / Playing

  • Golf should be played in conformance with the official rules of golf (including Amateur Status) of the R&A Rules Limited, the specifications and rules for playing of the ÖGV (Austrian Golf Association), the current recommendations of the ÖGV for competitions as well as the local rules of the GC Am Mondsee.
  • Visitors are not allowed access to the course without advance booking at the Pro Shop.
  • The order of the tee-off is determined by the time when the ball has been placed into the provided “ball spiral/shoot” at the first tee or by the starter at the first tee.
  • The game should invariably start at the first tee.
  • The players in front should be allowed to reach the green before the next group tees off.
  • Groups are given priority over individual players. This also applies to the first tee.
  • Players can only tee off between the defined teeing areas.
  • Only golf shoes with softspikes are allowed.
  • Each player has to carry their own golf bag.
  • Thunderstorm: The decision to interrupt the game due to a hazard such as lightning is left to the discretion of the player.
  • Dogs are only allowed in the restaurant area.
  • Playing several balls at one time is not permitted (i.e. practicing during the round.
  • Driving Range balls (i.e. practice golf balls) must not be used on the course.
  • Practicing at the Driving Range is only permitted within the designated area defined by a blue rope.

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