Rules / Playing

The current recommendations of the ÖGV for competitions shall apply. Please also pay attention to the notices posted at the club house or at the tee.


  1. The Drachensee including the embankment and the plants at its shores are considered as a lateral water hazard. The margin of the embankment or the furthest edge of the mowed area constitutes the edge of the hazard.
  2. Hole 9 and 15: After the first ball has been hit into the water you can proceed with a one shot penalty to the DROP zone.
  3. Hole 17: Keep off the biotope (red and green stakes). If the ball lies in the biotope, relief according to rule 26-1 must be obtained (a lateral water hazard).
  4. Maximum time to play 9 / 18 holes: 2 hours 15 minutes / 4 hours 30 minutes

26 km/h
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1 / 5°C

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